Monday, 2 August 2010

Linkin Park:Featuring You Finalist

With one listen to the innovative work done on “The Catalyst” by our Linkin Park:Featuring You winner, NoBrain, it’s clear that hours of work went into manipulating LP’s new single into something fresh and new.
But as we mentioned before, NoBrain—whose winning version can be heard here—was just one of thousands of MySpace users who challenged themselves to reinvent the handiwork of Linkin Park.

Out of those thousands of entries, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and the rest of the members of Linkin Park, narrowed it down to their twenty-favorite entries. There’s DavidBonk’s version, which strips the track down and builds it up with mechanized force—a noticeably chugging momentum that crescendos with Bennington’s shrill shriek. Or Corky G’s, which brilliantly manages to work in a drum solo amid an undulating mid-tempo dance groove. Luckily for you, a choice doesn’t have to be made—you can simply enjoy the different interpretations of “The Catalyst” by your fellow music Hyman

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