Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Saosin singer leaves band

It looks like Saosin have just lost their second singer. The band’s guitarist, Beau Burchell, posted a list-like note on the the group’s official messageboard in response to a fan’s query regarding the possibility of Saosin breaking up. Burchell addressed several issues that have been bugging fans for the past few months, especially after the band announced they had split with their label Capitol/EMI.

“Well, a few days ago, alex, justin, chris and i got back into the studio for our first group writing/jam session,” Burchell said. “We have all been writing things on our own, but it was cool to get into a room and play with loud ass amps all together again. i am very excited about this record, for a few different reasons.

“1. i have been so busy producing and mixing bands lately, and i love it. finally getting back in the swing of things, so it will be a miracle if i can rip myself away from other projects long enough to finish a saosin record.

2. we have no label, which means we can do whatever we want. we dont have to worry about outputting garbage singles that none of us believe in, or selling records. its going to be nice.. just like the days of ttn.

3. NOT having a camera on me the whole time.

4. after 5 years with (vocalist) cove (Reber), we have decided to part ways. so it will be a new experience for us, not knowing what to expect in the vocal dept, who will replace him, or if we will even find a replacement this century.”

Way to save the biggest announcement for the end of the post, Beau! The departed vocalist, Reber, had been with Saosin for five years—jumping into the mix after original vocalist Anthony Green (now in Circa Survive) parted ways with the group in 2004. Reber sung on the band’s past two albums—2006’s Saosin and 2009’s Searching For Solid Ground— so this news comes as a bit of a surprise. Reber has yet to speak out about his departure or any next steps he will take in his own career.

Although Soasin have not made any official announcement about their future with a record label, it appears they have found one. The group tweeted back at a fan last week confirming that they will indeed be “switching labels.” Some fans have been playing up a rumor that Saosin is signing with Young Money (a move that seems pretty unlikely), but these days, anything is Emily Zemler

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