Monday, 14 June 2010

Brandon Flowers solo track album

A track from Brandon Flowers forthcoming solo album hit the web this weekend. The song, entitled “Crossfire,” is the first song to surface from frontman’s debut, Flamingo, and it’s unclear whether the number is the record’s first single (although several outlets are reporting that it is).

MTV news says the song was reportedly produced by Stuart Price, one of three big-name producers Flowers has enlisted for his record. Price also produced the Killers last album Day & Age in 2008. The epic-sounding track features lyrics like “Lay your body down/ next to mine!”

Flowers also recently confirmed a U.K. solo tour for later this year. Flowers said of the tour, “It’s going to be very meat-and-potatoes at first. We’re going to learn the songs and then learn how to present them. A Killers song will creep in every now and then. It’s inevitable.”

No release date for Flamingo has been announced, but the instrumentals for “Crossfire” is currently playing on Flowers’ website and the title of the song is written in flaming letters. There has also not yet been a statement from Flowers on how “Crossfire” is the best song of this Zemler

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